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Nayak Movie Review -Genuine Review

Cast: Ram Charan Tej , Kajal, Amala Paul
Director : V V Vinayak
Music : Thaman
Released on : 9th January
CBFC Rating : A 
After the Movie Raccha Ram Charan Came up with the Super Hit Combination of V V Vinayak with the movie Naayak, This movie Bagged high expectations from the Fans as well as Normal Audience, Lets see how this movie Satified them


Cherry ( Ram Charan) is a software engineer in CgTrix. He his Unvle is Jilebi (Brahmanandam) They both unfortunately stucks with the local Don Gandipeta Babji (Rahul Dev). Cherry Falls Babji’s sister Madhu (Kajal) in love in this process. 

Suddenly a Big Twist Will Takes place in his life, He will be arrested for brutal murders that were going on, At the Interval Judge will gives the death sentence for Soft Cherry, Suddenly Mass Cherry Will Enters into Screen. Second half will be treated with the Hilarious comedy of M S Narayana. And the remaining story deals with Why the Mass Cherry will do these murders and What's the revenge behind the Murders, How Innocent Cherry Escaped from CBI and Whst is the Charecter of Amala Paul and What is the Kolkatha Aggle that you can see on Silver Screen

Plus Points :

Cherry Improved a Lot With this movie in his Dances, Action, Voice Modulation Etcc..

Dances in Laila o Laila and Hey Nayak Are Out Standing

Kajal Looks Gordgeous in the Movie and Amala Paulis wasted

Brahmanandam Rocked In the role Jilebi, His Acting Resemblance Krishna Movie Charecter.

Posani as Kolkattha Criminal, His Cmedy Scenes (Chocolate Scenes) in Second half became a Highlight to the movie and Resemblance Gabbar Singh Abbthyakshari Scene

MS Narayana as a Drunken CBI lip reading specialist Handled the Complete Entertainement part ion 2nd half

‘Katti lanti Pilla’, ‘Subhaleka’ and ‘Oka Choopuke Padipoya’. are Shoot Well

Chota K Naidy Cinematorgraphy is a Big Plus Point To The Movie

Dialogues are Good, Especially Comedy Punch Dialogues

V V Vinayak Brilliant Direction: Even there is nothing great Stuff in the Story, He moved with the Entertainement quoteint

Minus Points:

Movie Story Looks like a Mixture of Tagore, Gabbar Singh,Laksmi, And Athnokkade, No Freshness in the Story

Sticky Narration of Story, Only the Entertainemnet part saved the movie.

Fight Scenes are Too Graphical

Climax is not Satisfactory

Final Analysis:

Finally Nayak Is a Good Entertainer for This Sankrathi Season, Brahmi, MS Narayana and Posani Comedy became a Great Asset to this movie. First Half is  acerage and Second Half is good except the Climax.  ABig Treat To Mass Audience. Sure this movie will make some more records in Charans Career.

Rating : 2.5/5

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